How it all began....a little history
For many years , Clemmons remained a small village on the westernmost edge of
Forsyth County near the Yadkin River. During the late 1960’s the village experienced
rapid growth and during the 1970’s it became the fastest growing community in
Forsyth County.
Many Master Masons were among those who made home in Clemmons. After several
attempts to establish  a masonic lodge here failed, a meeting was called on January
16, 1978 by Brother Larry Kirby who felt there was sufficient numbers of Masons in
Clemmons to support lodge. The meeting was held at Clemmons Baptist Church.
Brother Kirby called the meeting to order and explained the purpose of the meeting
to the 27 Master Masons who were in attendance. On a show of hands, 19 indicated
an interest in demitting while eight declined. Worshipful Brother B. A. Byrd, District
Deputy Grand Master of the 46th Masonic District, shared with the group the steps
that would be necessary in forming a lodge. In order for the lodge to have sufficient
financial base, he recommended it would take at least 50 members, although less than
50 would be acceptable.
Worshipful Brother Byrd appointed Brothers Larry Kirby and Ron Dodson as co-
chairmen of the committee. The following volunteers were appointed to serve on the
committee: Brothers Charles Anderson, Jim Smith, Arvil Stanley, John Canupp and
Felix Hege.
The second meeting of interested Masons was held on January 30,1978.Worshipful
Brother Byrd advised the group that nothing could be done to form a lodge until after  
the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in April and that the Grand Secretary wanted
to meet with our group before a dispensation was granted. He confirmed a minimum
of 30 members would be sufficient to begin a lodge.
On March 20, 1978, Right Worshipful Brother Pete Dudley met with the group to
review Grand Lodge requirements for forming a lodge.
On April 10, 1978, a meeting was called and was attended by eleven Master Masons.
The name of Clemmons Lodge was presented as a recommended name for the lodge.
By a unanimous vote the name was approved. On a motion by Brother John Boyer and
seconded, it was agreed that Stated Communications would be held on the first
Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. and that other meetings would be called as
A temporary meeting place was secured from Dr. W. E. Berry who offered a portion of
the lower level of his office in Clemmons. It was necessary that members  of the lodge
prepare the space for meetings which would Grand Lodge requirements.
The institution of Clemmons Lodge was held on Friday, November 3, 1978 at 8:00 p. m.
at the Masonic Temple in Winston-Salem, N. C. Most worshipful Jacob C. Goodman, Jr.
presided and granted  a Dispensation to thirty three brethren to form Clemmons
Lodge, U. D. The Dispensation and the gavel was delivered to the Worshipful Master,
John Canupp, P. M. by the Most Worshipful Grand Master who resigned the chair to
the Master.
The ceremony of Constitution of Clemmons Lodge #755 was held at the Masonic
Temple in Winston-Salem, N. C. on May 5, 1979. Most Worshipful Grand Master William
B. Belois presided. The following officers of Clemmons Lodge #755 were installed;
Master                   John K. Canupp, P. M.
Senior Warden       Larry Kirby
Junior Warden       Henry Hendrix
Treasurer               Roy Raines
Secretary               Ronald W. Dodson
Senior Deacon       John Boyer
Junior Deacon       Danny Hodge
Senior Steward      Dale S. Liner
Junior Steward      Earl C. Baker
Chaplain                 Paul P. Ranson
Tyler                      J. Frank Cook

The Charter of Clemmons Lodge #755 was formally presented to Worshipful Brother
John Canupp, P. M. Master.

Clemmons Lodge #755 has experienced steady growth, current membership consists of
over one hundred members, including more going through the degrees.

Property was purchased and the Lodge completed in March, 1987
History of Clemmons Lodge
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